Homesure Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The Mortgage Cover offer is available on selected house and land packages in participating estates and with finance arranged by Resolve Finance – Australian Credit License 385487.

The Deposit Guarantee is available to all eligible customers. Both offers are available until June 30, 2020.

To be eligible for HomeSure, the customer must be a new customer, or an existing contract in preconstruction at the selected builder’s discretion.

HomeSure is applied to the deal by signing the HomeSure Agreement.

HomeSure is available on all Satterley lots in participating estates up to June 30, 2020, when part of a house and land package with builders within the ABN Group including: Homebuyers Centre, Celebration Homes, Dale Alcock Homes and Webb & Brown Neaves Homes.

The HomeSure guarantee period is six months following the slab down date of the construction by the builder.

HomeSure covers the instance The Buyer (or if there are more than one Purchaser, the primary income earner of the Purchaser) is made Unemployed by its Principal Employer due to circumstances beyond their control and specifically relating to the Covid-19 pandemic at any time during the Guarantee Period and gives written notice to the Builder with evidence satisfactory to the Builder that the Buyer is Unemployed at the date of notice due to circumstances beyond their control and specifically related to Covid-19 pandemic (Unemployment Notice).

For the avoidance of doubt the total sum is to be paid to the Buyer as a one-off payment, regardless of whether the Buyer becomes employed and subsequently Unemployed again during the Guarantee period.

Where there is more than one Buyer this HomeSure will apply only if the primary income earner (in the case of joint purchasers) is made Unemployed by their Principal Employer.