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Precincts in The Glades

The Glades is divided into six residential precincts surrounding a vibrant village centre and picturesque lake.

Each of the precincts at The Glades also have their own story, each unique yet still connected to the overall story of this beautiful place to live.

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William's Place

William’s Place is named after William Percival ‘Percy’ Nairn, a farmer from the area who was wounded in battle in 1918 and returned home from the Great War to build Percy’s Place on the hills in Byford.

William’s Place has been designed as a walkable neighbourhood with strong links to the Village Centre and is bordered by bush forever. William’s Place is also home to the popular Percy’s Playground and adjacent to the education precinct.

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Brickwood Chase

Brickwood Chase is located adjacent to Brickwood Reserve, the most extensive area of Marri and Kingie woodland. With views of rare wetlands and stands of salmon white

gum, it offers residents the beauty of nature a stroll from our village centre.

The precinct has been designed with retained established trees throughout to enhance the surrounding natural environment, as well as an entry statement incorporating nuts of the Salmon White Gum.

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Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is Byford’s dress circle precinct, with a feel reminiscent of Perth’s older

established suburbs. Mature coral trees, also known as Flame Trees, with their vibrant red foliage mark your arrival and create a sense of place.

The stone-clad retaining walls, feature paving on entry roads, and stunning streetscapes provide the perfect backdrop for homes of distinction.

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Woodland Grove

As a homage to our rich heritage, Woodland Grove is named after the Woodland family, Jarrahdale residents, whose son Cyril fought in the First World War.

Woodland Grove features a tranquil memorial park honouring fallen soldiers with the ‘Grove’ reflected in the precincts locations, framed by two glades of open space, winding creeks and stunning jacaranda tree lined streets, Woodland Grove certainly lives up to its name with a true woodland feel.

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Icaria is a small Greek Island where the people live a very long time. Their secret is clean air and a healthy lifestyle. Icaria at The Glades has exactly that. With beautiful parks, complete with fitness nodes and running tracks, edible plants scattered through the precinct, adventure playgrounds for kids and adults, and welcoming home designs.

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Cardup Brook

Cardup Brook is the final precinct in The Glades. Located south of Orton Road, it is named after the Cardup Brook Nature Reserve, which runs along the southern boundary of the precinct. ‘Cardup’ originates from ‘kaarda’, an Aboriginal word for ‘place of the racehorse goanna’. In keeping with a name inspired by the natural world, the precinct is designed to connect you with the natural beauty of its pristine surrounds – all homes are within a five minute walk of the brook.

Land is now selling in Cardup Brook.

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