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Parks and Playgrounds

The Glades, Byford family walking in the park

Parks and Playgrounds in Byford

Get out and about in The Glades, Byford, with over 10 parks and playgrounds to explore within the estate and nearby. Whether you’re looking for a playground to take the kids, or a place to enjoy a walk, there’s plenty to discover.

Albizia Reserve

Albizia Reserve park features plenty of open space, a playground with climbing equipment and a slide, nature play equipment, a half-court, and sheltered seating.

Located on the corner of Adiantum Avenue and Albizia Grove, Byford. 

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Anzac Park

This park is a fantastic place built to pay respects to the ANZAC soldiers and for local people to learn and understand the meaning behind The Glades street names. It is quite a small facility, but well looked after with lots of shade and it’s great for kids.

Located off Anzac Crescent, Byford.

The Glades at Byford Parks and Playgrounds ANZAC Park

Briggs Park

Briggs Park is a popular recreational space in Byford, featuring a pavilion and sporting oval.

Located on Mead Street, Byford.

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Casterton Reserve Park

Casterton Reserve is perfect for community events and gatherings, featuring plenty of open space and a stage.

Located on the corner of Doley Road and Kinsella Avenue, Byford.

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Cristonia Terrace Park

There is outdoor gym equipment at this great little reserve and a playground as well as soft flooring, which is fantastic for young kids trying out their skills during a junior gym session. On the other side of the grassed area is a big picnic shelter with seating and BBQ facilities.

Located on the corner of Kokoda Boulevard and Cristonia Terrace, Byford

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Icaria Dog Park

Icaria Dog Park features separate fully fenced areas for small and big dogs to allow your furry friends to play safely and comfortably with dogs of similar sizes and temperaments.

The park also includes plenty of open space to run and play fetch, tunnels and logs for climbing, a sandpit for digging and mulch areas for sniffing.

Located between Tourmaline Boulevard and Setosa Loop, Byford.

The Glades Dog Park

Lakeside Plaza

At the centre of The Glades Estate is Lake Allambee, making for a perfect picnic backdrop for you and your family. The lake is a favourite spot for locals to have a picnic, or to simply sit and reflect upon the water. There’s also a great little community garden and local people enjoy getting together at the lake every month to clean up any rubbish and ensure this beautiful area remains a great spot for The Glades community.

Located on the corner of Doley Road and Gallant Turn, Byford.

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Percy's Park

Percy’s Adventure Park has a few activities for kids of all ages, including a fantastic flying fox, a separate area for younger kids, picnic tables and a half basketball court. There is also a small climbing frame suitable for younger children and a toddler area with a small play tower and slide, plus a see-saw and swings, and a separate, rope-based play tower that is better for slightly older children.  Percy’s Adventure Park is a great spot to take a walk with the dog or the pram, let the kids ride their bikes or scooters, and have a play. The flying fox is a big drawcard, and it’s worth a look if you are in the area.  There are also picnic tables and a BBQ.

Located on Mead Street, Byford.

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Veteran's Park

Veteran’s Park features plenty of open space, soccer/rugby combination goal posts and winding pathways perfect for afternoon strolls.

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Future District Oval

A future District Oval is planned to be located in the heart of Cardup Brook. The oval will provide local residents and sporting groups a place to enjoy their favourite team sports.

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