2021-10-28 Community & Lifestyle

A first look at the Mt Aitken Reserve

We're excited to unveil the renders of the Mt Aitken Reserve! Covering over 19 hectares, the reserve will be delivered in partnership with Stockland Highlands. It will be accessible via Candlebark Drive or Fairways Boulevard. When complete, it will feature straight and winding paths, exercise stations, a playground with climbing nets, swings, slides, seating, and open space for picnics. A shaded viewing platform will also be at the reserve's highest point, offering views towards the CBD and Greenvale Reservoir.

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2021-10-28 Community & Lifestyle

Record charity auction a huge win for childhood cancer research

After four years of living in the US, the Varghese family secured their dream home in a charity house auction in Officer last week. The 4-bedroom Porter Davis home built in Satterley’s Arcadia estate was part of a fundraising effort for My Room Children’s Cancer Charity.

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2021-10-07 Community & Lifestyle

Arcadia charity home about to go under the hammer

There are just seven days to go until the 2021 Home for a Cure, a charity auction offering a rare opportunity to buy a fully furnished family home in one of the best master-planned communities in Melbourne’s southeast.

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2021-08-06 Property Tips

Choosing a home loan: fixed, variable or split?

With all the terms and conditions – which is better – fixed or variable? There’s no one-size-fits-all loan because each product varies across a range of fronts, from exit fees to repayment terms. Your ideal loan should have a low rate and offer flexibility should your financial situation change or if official rates rise or drop in the future. Here we look at the top things to consider before choosing your home loan.

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2021-08-06 Community & Lifestyle

Home For A Cure 2021

Satterley and Porter Davis Homes will donate a house and land package for the 2021 Home for a Cure charity auction, raising money for My Room Children’s Cancer Charity.

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2021-07-13 Community & Lifestyle

True North's Winter 2021 Newsletter

Thanks for taking the time to read True North’s half-year newsletter. We hope you enjoy our cover story on our community event at the end of July. Keep reading and you’ll find updates on what’s happening with development progress, as well as a property market update from our General Manager and a story on the big capital works program that Hume Council is rolling out in the next few years.

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2021-07-07 Industry News

Why are house prices in Australia rising?

The Australian property market surprised even the most experienced economists in the aftermath of COVID-19. House prices shot up against all expectations and what’s more, they are predicted to continue surging into the future.

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2021-07-07 Property Tips

Is it cheaper to buy or rent your next home in Australia?

The buy vs rent decision is a tough dilemma for many Australians. Caught at the crossroads of either paying a little each week to rent or committing to a long term investment to buy is a weighty decision.

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2021-06-25 Community & Lifestyle

7 places to eat near a Satterley Community

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into a new community is tracking down the local “hotspots”. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, fanatic foodie or just love a glass of red, we’ve got you covered. Here we share our top 7 places to eat near our Satterley Communities.

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2021-06-21 Property Tips

The advantages of buying a home early in life

There are strong long term advantages to buying earlier in life, from gaining an invaluable sense of independence to building fundamental budgeting skills, and attaining financial freedom. Here, we look at how buying a home earlier rather than later in life can set you up for a better future.

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