Honeywood estate | Wandi

As part of the transition to your new home, make yourself aware of the City of Kwinana's animal regulations.

Pet registrations


  • Dogs aged 3 months and over must be registered and microchipped
  • Dogs must wear both a registration tag and disc showing the owner’s name and address
  • Proof of sterilisation is required to be submitted with your application
  • Households in residential areas are limited to 2 dogs


  • Cats 6 months and over must be registered
  • Cats 6 months and over must be microchipped and sterilised
  • Households are limited to 3 cats on their property

Visit the City of Kwinana website for everything you need to know about animals and pets, including registration information.

Dog exercise areas
Several areas around Kwinana have been set aside as dog exercise areas. When in these areas, owners can exercise their dogs without a lead, provided the dog is under supervision and effective control.
Dog exercise areas:
  • Darling Dog Park, fenced park, corner Darling Chase and Turnix Street, Wandi (Honeywood estate, contains agility equipment);
  • Corner Bindarri Grove and Honeywood Avenue, Wandi (Honeywood estate);
  • Daintree Loop Reserve, Centennial Avenue, Bertram;
  • Harrison Way Reserve, Harrison Way, Calista;
  • Djilba Reserve, Djilba View, Leda;
  • Riley Park, Robbins Retreat, Leda;
  • Rogan Park, Prockter Gardens, Leda;
  • Sloans Reserve, Wellard Road, Leda;
  • Whyatt Park, Dalrymple Drive, Leda;
  • Harry McGuigan Park, Medina Avenue, Medina;
  • Seabrook Way Reserve, Seabrook Way, Medina;
  • Hennessy Park Reserve, Hennessy Avenue, Orelia;
  • Littlemore Park, Littlemore Road, Orelia;
  • Skottowe Parkway, Cromer Gardens, Parmelia;
  • Peace Park Reserve, Parmelia Avenue, Parmelia; and
  • Wellard Reserve, Wellard Road, Wellard.
Prohibited areas:
  • Kwinana Golf Course;
  • all beaches;
  • shops; and
  • private property without permission.

Dog beaches:

While dogs are not permitted on any beaches within the City of Kwinana boundaries, there are several dog beaches located nearby.