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Choosing Your Community

When it comes down to it, having a successful land buying and home building journey means putting just as much thought into your community as your house customisations. Let’s walk you through what you might consider when choosing your ideal community.

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Location and Lifestyle

The beauty and breadth of the Australian landscape offers residential opportunities to suit every type of home buyer and lifestyle. Whether you crave proximity to the bustle of urban hubs or revel in the calm serenity of seaside locales, you should have no trouble finding a community where you can build your new life.

Coastal Living

If swimming, surfing and ambling along sandy stretches of pristine shoreline is your idea of a good time, then coastal living may be the choice for you. Wake up to the caress of the ocean breeze, head out for a refreshing morning dip, then grab some breakfast as you enjoy the stunning ocean views. Coastal communities are an ideal pick for families and professionals who love being close to the beach.

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Metro and Surrounds

Between the excitement and convenience of people, shops, supercentres, eateries and entertainment venues, it’s no wonder the bright lights of the big city are a lure for home buyers both new and subsequent. For people who enjoy the energy of the urban environment and its countless leisure opportunities, moving into a community on the edge of the CBD might be the way to go.

Suburban Living 

In many ways, buying land and building a new home a little bit further away from the city offers the best of both worlds. Not only do you have easy access to local restaurants, shops and schools, you’ll still be within reach of the city centre. Suburban communities are a great option for families (and budding families) who particularly value peaceful open spaces, outdoor recreation and neighbourly solidarity.

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Natural Living 

Do you have an active and energetic spirit and adore the splendour of the natural world – from its lush greenery to its tranquil waterways? Then living within a more natural setting may be the best choice for long-term satisfaction. Taking residency on the periphery of national parks and untouched nature reserves will allow you to make the most of your favourite outdoor hobbies. Get your heart racing on a cycling trail, savour the area’s natural beauty with a leisurely hike, or simply picnic amongst the enchanting scenery.

Access to Amenities

Just as choosing the right location can support your preferred lifestyle, picking a community that comes with (or sits near) a host of key amenities can also go a long way in enhancing your day-to-day life. Community amenities have a natural tendency to bring people together, provide convenience, promote wellness, and ensure safety and security.

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Read more about...

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Shops
  • Medical facilities
  • Transport links
  • Schools
  • Swimming pools
  • Sporting facilities
  • Communal BBQs
  • Walking trails
  • Cycling tracks

It’s also wise to look at what is planned or in development, since knowing that more of your favourite amenities are on the way can factor into your decision to choose one community or another.

Satterley Community Development Program

Satterley has an in-house community development team working on the ground in select estates to bring activity and life to new neighbourhoods. We’re one of the first, and remain one of the few, residential developers in Australia to have such a dedicated team.

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Let’s take a closer look at the role of Satterley’s community team and why you might want to ask your Sales Professional whether there is a community development program on offer in the estate you are considering making home.

When you first move into a new community it can take some time to find your feet. This is where Satterley’s committed community development team can help. They are on-hand to answer any questions you might have about the resources available to you and connect you to clubs, schools, interest groups and local council services. They are there to take the overwhelm out of your new move, and help make settling into a new and unfamiliar area that much easier.

Upon moving into a Satterley estate where our community team is active, you’ll quickly find that the community team is always busy planning and hosting events and activities for new and existing residents. From outdoor movie nights and weekend markets to free school holiday programs and Christmas events, it couldn’t be easier to connect with your neighbours and get in the community spirit.

The community team is just as passionate about empowering residents and local groups to organise social activities as they are about running their own. In estates where the team is active, both incorporated and unincorporated organisations can apply for funding through the Community Sponsorship Program to put towards community initiatives or to help with the purchase of equipment that helps establish or sustain new or existing groups. In this way, the team is there to support residents to play an active role in community life.

In the end, choosing the community that’s best for you will often come down to finding a location and range of nearby amenities that complement your lifestyle while also striking a balance with your work and family commitments.

For many, having easy access to public transport and schools can be just as important as being close to family-friendly parks, playgrounds and recreational opportunities. So when you get to this stage of your property journey, we recommend you really take the time to think about what’s important to you.

How do I find my ideal community?

With a clear idea in mind of what your ideal community looks like – facilities, family areas and all – you can now start your search for the one that ticks all the boxes.

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Here are 5 key ways to go about finding a community in which to build your new home.

Where better to begin your community search than on Australia’s two largest property sites: and With easy-to-use search platforms complete with results-filtering options, these sites allow you to view land estates anywhere in Australia, as well as give the option to view recently sold properties and median house prices. 

These sites also offer a useful way to gauge which communities fit within your budget. You can also head to the Satterley website where you can explore our masterplanned communities across Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Perusing social media platforms can be an excellent way to get a read on a neighbourhood’s interaction and engagement. Communities with a strong sense of solidarity will often have dedicated Facebook pages where residents can read and share local news, photos and most importantly, connect with each other. Instagram hashtags are also a handy way of getting an insight into a community’s most recent property sales, underway developments and breaking news.

See for yourself at Satterley’s Eden Beach Facebook site or True North’s Instagram page where you’ll find photos of new purchasers, details of upcoming community events, newly minted amenities and the latest land releases. 

Flicking through a community’s local council website can give you a neat glimpse into the latest goings-on from upcoming festivals and sporting events to children’s holiday programs and new facilities. Familiarising yourself with the council in your chosen community can let you know what to expect in the future as well as how things work locally.

With so much innovation in modern technology, it’s not surprising that you can now cast your eyes over a new location without even leaving your home. From fly through videos captured by aerial drones to 360 degree maps, it couldn’t be easier for home buyers to navigate their way through promising communities on their very own personalised tours.

Once you’ve done all you can do from the comfort of your own home, it’s time to see first hand what living in these communities is really like. Take the day to head out on the road and pay a visit to the area. Wander the neighbourhood to see what’s on offer in the way of green spaces, shops and cafes. Look at the style of existing homes and see if they’re similar to the design you have in mind. Explore the waterways, parks and commercial precincts. You can even strike up a conversation with the local residents to get an honest picture of life in the community. How are the schools? Is it an easy commute to the CBD?