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8 Things You Might Not Have Known About Tarneit

Bluestone, Tarneit young family enjoying a picnic at the park

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s western suburbs, Tarneit is a vibrant and rapidly evolving community that’s been making headlines for all the right reasons. Much like its neighbouring suburbs, this hidden gem of Wyndham City boasts a rich tapestry of history and modernity, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a strong sense of community. As you delve deeper into the tapestry of Tarneit, you’ll uncover a wealth of fascinating facts that may surprise even the most seasoned residents.

1. Melbourne’s Happiest Suburb:

Believe it or not, Tarneit isn’t just a suburb; it’s a happiness hub! According to census data analyzed by The Age and our lovely locals, Tarneit has clinched the title of Melbourne’s Happiest Suburb. And with a booming population and one of the youngest age groups in town, there’s a lot to be cheerful about in this neck of the woods.

2. Tarneit’s Humble Beginnings:

Picture this: the late 1830s, a settler named John Wedge, and his pal John Bateman surveying the land. They decided to call it “Tarneit,” which translates to ‘white’ in the Wathaurong indigenous language. From farming fields to a vibrant community, Tarneit’s got a story to tell.

3. The Bluestone Connection:

The name Bluestone was inspired by the heritage site located within Bluestone which incorporates the remains of a Bluestone house. The house itself was constructed during the 1850’s therefore reflecting early settlement in the local area.

Bluestone, Tarneit artist impression aerial view of community

4. Road to Modernisation:

Tarneit’s road network dances to its own square mile beat, laying the foundation for the suburb’s arterial roads. Fun fact: the grid pattern, rooted in Tarneit’s agricultural past, still shapes the roads today. It’s like a historical roadmap right beneath your tires!

5. Local Gems:

Tucked away in the vibrant streets is Hotel520 on Sayers Road, more than just a local eatery. It’s a community hub, a place to chill with a Coffee Lounge, Aurora Function Rooms, Dining, and a TAB Sports Bar. Live bands, competitions, and rewards – it’s where the local buzz happens.

6. Meet Me in Tarneit Magic:

Brace yourself for the Meet Me in Tarneit program – a Wyndham City, Victorian Government, and Tarneit Suburban Revitalization Board collaboration. Get ready for the Tarneit Kite Festival and Firefly Night Market in 2024. It’s the dynamic heart of Tarneit, where community and celebration collide!

7. Youthful Vibes:

Having the third highest proportion of children aged between 0-4 years old and ninth highest between 5-14 years old. Tarneit also reveal the second lowest proportion of residents aged over 65+. Census reports also reveal that this suburb is a classic mortgage belt electorate with the seventh lowest proportion of fully owned dwellings and fifth highest proportion of dwellings being purchased.

8. Future Shopping Extravaganza:

There is a proposed town centre within Bluestone spanning across an integrated 1.47 hectare site. The proposed town centre will feature a major supermarket, retail, food and beverage, childcare, medical gym and services. Pending council approval, construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2024 with completion earmarked for early 2025.

In a nutshell, Tarneit isn’t just a suburb; it’s a community where happiness reigns, history whispers, and the future sparkles. Whether you’re a local, a Tarneit explorer, or just curious about Melbourne’s west, this suburb has a lot to share and love. Tarneit, you’ve charmed your way into our hearts!