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Botanical brand story: big in size, brave in ambition

Botanical, Mickleham inside sales office.
Twenty nine kilometres north of Melbourne’s CBD, Satterley is bringing a new community to life and it will be the largest project the team has worked on in Victoria.

Located in Mickleham, the new neighbourhood will be built on 193 hectares of land and, once complete, will feature 2,300 lots in amongst 30 hectares of planned parks, wetlands, play areas, bike paths and sporting ovals. And it’s this vast amount of open space which has inspired the Botanical brand.

But Satterley Property Group’s General Manager for Victoria and Queensland, Jack Hoffmann, says this is not just the largest project in terms of physical dimensions.

“When we talk about this being the biggest undertaking we’ve been involved with in Victoria, we’re talking about ambition as much as we are about size. We’ve called the community Botanical to reflect a bold concept behind an expansive program of works,” explains Hoffmann.

The Botanical logo incorporates the very plants and flowers Botanical will become known for

Our vision is to create an estate of natural appreciation, a community that loves gathering in alfresco spaces surrounded with beautiful native flora. We want our residents to enjoy parks, gardens and fresh produce.

“And every element of our project represents this objective, from the landscaping to the logo, which incorporates the very plants and flowers Botanical will become known for,” says Hoffmann.

Although work hasn’t yet begun on the landscaping itself, the plans outline botanical-themed planting throughout various open spaces, which features a diverse array of plants including many flowering trees, shrubs and bushes. Among them will be spectacular natives such as the “dwarf pink” gum tree, ‘rosea’ red flowering eucalyptus tree and gold wattle as well as non-natives like the golden rain tree and fruiting pomegranate trees.

The flowers will be aesthetically pleasing, of course, but the purpose behind them is deeper than appearance alone. They’re there to expand children’s imaginations, to encourage people to get out and live healthily and to attract native birdlife.

The aim is to enhance the existing natural landscape of the area, which includes the scenic backdrop of neighbouring Mount Ridley National Conservation Reserve and beautiful established River Red Gum trees which are a big feature of Botanical.

Satterley is planning botanical-themed planting throughout various open spaces within the community