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What does 40 years of estate development experience look like?

Corporate News 07 Mar 2019
Satterley 40 years in development

A long history in the industry is important when it comes to a land developer’s credibility. In fact, according to a Real Estate Australia survey, just over half of Australians agree, and go on to say that a good developer should also have a strong reputation and a large number of developed communities.

Another thing we think Australians will agree on is that Satterley fits this bill perfectly. After almost 40 years’ experience developing some of Australia’s strongest, most gorgeous community estates – collecting plenty of awards to show off along the way – we wanted to stop and take a look back at where we started all those years ago, and how our experience can benefit you personally during your land buying journey.

Satterley’s early days

Satterley’s story starts at humble beginnings, when now-CEO Nigel Satterley – born and bred in the wheatbelt town of Cunderdin – moved to Perth as a teenager, starting work in the rag trade with Levi Jeans. His rise to success was meteoric; by the time he was barely 20, he was Levi’s WA state representative.

His foray into real estate began with a single real estate transaction – his first – that gave him the capital he needed to set up his own home building company called Statesman Homes. In that time, Statesman went on to become highly successful, selling up to 650 homes a year!

But soon Mr Satterley moved into land development, pioneering a raft of new strategies for masterplanned estates – including implementing higher standards for community amenities and family lifestyle. Since its official founding in 1980, Satterley has grown from its humble Western Australia beginnings to span 160 communities in the state, with an increasing presence in Victoria and Queensland, too. We’ve become the largest independent land developer in the country, having sold more than 60,000 residential lots and controlling a land bank of around 37,000 lots. In fact, we estimate that about 250,000 people in Western Australia call one of our 160 vibrant communities home.

Satterley has the experience to help you through the land buying, home building process.

How does Satterley’s experience benefit its customers?

Satterley’s mission has always been to develop Australia’s most beautiful estates. We aren’t just a land developer, but a community builder. We’re passionate about creating a better class of development, where people from all walks of life can choose to live their dream. People know that when they move into one of our masterplanned estates, they are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a block of land.

Our experience is unique. If you remember the time between the 1980s and now, you’ll know that the past four decades have been extremely up and down. We’ve seen a lot of market changes, not to mention Australia’s share of economic growth periods and slow downs, but we have remained adaptable and flexible and it shows in the quality of our work.

Not only that, this gives our team experience, too. The Satterley team is multidisciplined, with strong industry knowledge and a focus on delivering value. We value loyalty, and many of our staff members have been with the company for more than a decade.

More than 250,000 people have made their home in a Satterley estate.

So what’s next for Satterley?

Nigel’s energy and drive continues to shape and grow Satterley, and even though Australia’s property market might sometimes seem chaotic, we continue to work hard on producing high-quality developments that a wide range of people can afford. Mr Satterley himself divides his time between our various offices, visiting each of his estates constantly. He’s single-minded in his vision to achieve success for the company, its investor partners and, of course, our valued buyers, who make their homes and raise families in our communities.

We’re constantly on the lookout for the next big opportunity. We’ve made major purchases in the Melbourne and Brisbane residential land markets in the past year, and are looking to expand our portfolio and market share as we move to the future!

If you’d like to see what nearly 40 years of experience looks like in person, visit one of our master-planned communities today.