2020-03-20 Property Tips

Could a mortgage broker help with your home purchase?

For most people, buying a new home involves securing a home loan. And home loans, like any financial product, can get a little bit complex. For good reason, plenty of purchasers turn to the advice of a mortgage broker to assist them with what can be a challenging process.

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2020-03-17 Property Tips

5 tips to increase your borrowing power

Your borrowing power is the all-important factor when buying property. More borrowing power means more choice when it comes to deciding where, what and when you’ll purchase. This article is full of helpful tips to help increase your borrowing power.

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2020-02-21 Property Tips

RBA interest rate first home buyers

Come the first Tuesday in every month business journalists get themselves into a first class lather, the money experts sprout pronouncements at light speed and smoke emits from the economic gurus’ crystal balls. but what does the monthly meeting of the RBA mean for the average person? Read our blog to find out!

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Top dog walking spots close to Ocean Hill

With direct access to the beach, parks & playgrounds, your pups paradise is already here. We share the top dog walking spots close to Ocean Hill estate.

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2020-02-17 Community & Lifestyle

Markets close to Ocean Hill

1 of the benefits of living at Ocean Hill is the proximity to markets, perfect for picking up local produce. We share the top 5 markets close to Ocean Hill.

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2020-02-03 Community & Lifestyle

Top Picnic Spots near Ocean Hill

Ocean Hill residents can benefit from a number of WA’s superior picnic spots. We've compiled a list of the top 8 picnic spots near Ocean Hill.

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2020-02-03 Community & Lifestyle

Gyms close to Ocean Hill

If you’re new to the area and you're on the hunt for a new active community to join, there are so many options! Apart from the thriving community already here at Ocean Hill, there is an abundance of exercise spaces and classes you can join. We’ve put together a guide of the best local gyms and workout spaces for you to take a look at and try something new!

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2020-01-11 Property Tips

The cost and concessions available to get you on track to owning your first home

We know it can be tricky trying to work out what costs there will be when you are ready to purchase your first home. on the plus side we know about a few concessions that will help you too! We've made this handy animation to explain what you'll need to pay and also what you can receive when you purchase your first home.

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2020-01-09 Property Tips

Why Ocean Hill is attracting younger buyers

Ocean Hill is the perfect place for young people to meet other like minded individuals in the community and generate a thriving place to live and grow.

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2020-01-06 Property Tips

Benefits of purchasing a house and land package from a developer

Why buy a house and land package from a developer rather than custom build your own house? We can give you three detailed reasons!

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