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2021-01-25 Community & Lifestyle

Find a place to call home at True North

Young couple, Mel and Alex, tell us what made them choose where they live and why they’ve come to love so much about their Satterley community.

Mel and Alex moved into True North in the northern suburb of Greenvale at the beginning of 2020. They were married at the end of 2019 and, after returning from their honeymoon, moved straight into their first home.

Thinking back to the decision-making that came well before they built, the say they bought land with many factors in mind, but family and convenience came first.

“We were looking for proximity to public transport, school availability, closeness to family, shopping and sporting facilities – and parklands for the future children,” Mel explains.

“The key attributes that appealed to us were the elevated land location, closeness to parkland and local shopping centres. It was a well-situated development in a nice pocket of Greenvale that has all the great things at arm’s reach.”

True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood was unbuilt when the couple were considering their first home options, so they had to place a good degree of faith in Satterley’s vision for the community before buying.

“I think True North always presented itself as a really high-quality development, particularly when compared to some of its competitors. The masterplan presentation was really high-quality [and] sales representatives were fun and friendly to deal with.”

This ability to create a concept for a residential community, express it to potential residents and then follow through on their plans is something Satterley has prided itself on for more than 40 years.  The company was established by Nigel Satterley in Western Australia in 1980 and, after great success in his home state, he branched out into Victoria.

Over the past decade, around 8,000 families, have moved into Satterley communities across Melbourne. And for Mel and Alex, two of the very first residents to move into True North’s Greenvale neighbourhood, their faith has paid off.

They have enjoyed how close they are to local facilities, but have been just as impressed by the quality of True North as a whole and the civic warmth of the community they’ve become a part of.

“Most of our neighbours are young couples and families like ours. We have formed a close friendship with our immediate neighbours and often catch-up for walks and coffee. We've had a couple of family friends come and visit us who have actually gone and purchased lots from around the corner.

“A lot of people say that you don't buy the house, you buy the neighbour, and we've been really lucky in that [regard]. Coming to the True North estate, we really felt like it was well-connected, well planned out and could really give us a nice place to raise a family.”

Alex says Mel’s last point, the fact that True North seemed like such a good place to bring up children, was perhaps the main reason why he made the community his first choice.

“I think the primary driver for us being a young family was an area where the community was young people, young families with young kids. So that when we do inevitably have children we have got like-minded people around us.

“We don't have any kids at the moment, but that's on the plans, and I think that they're very well placed where we are at the moment to grow up and have a really enjoyable childhood. This is somewhere we see ourselves for a really long time.”

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