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Is this a change to previous plans?

There was provision in the original Wandi North Local Structure Plan for a Community Facility and Local Centre site within the northern area of Honeywood estate. When the railway station at Rowley Road did not proceed as originally planned by the State Government, room for these sites needed to be found elsewhere. The City of Kwinana resolved to relocate the proposed Community Facility site to the future Wandi District Centre on Anketell Road. This left finding a place for a Local Centre. The portion of Stage 5A fronting Honeywood Avenue is now being explored by the City for potential commercial use as a small Local Centre.

Why is there a commercial site proposed?

The requirement remains for a Local Centre as part of the Wandi North Local Structure Plan. As such, a portion of Stage 5a is being explored by the City of Kwinana for this purpose. Rezoning land to allow for commercial use is still subject to approval by the City of Kwinana Council and there will be a public comment process. The existing Local Structure Plan will need to be amended and approved by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC), and a Local Development Plan will be prepared controlling the design of any proposed development on the future zoned commercial site. Zoning laws also address matters such as noise management, car parking provisions, waste management, the appearance of a building, and building features. It’s up to local government authorities to decide what zoning is appropriate in their area and to ensure all businesses and properties comply with their regulations.

Will any roads be built? What about fencing?

No roads will be built, however a 6 metre wide emergency access way is to be provided linking the existing Wirra Corner cul-de-sac head with Lyon Road. Post and wire’ fencing will be installed and maintained to a standard required by the WAPC for the duration of all subdivisional works and will be as per the City of Kwinana’s Fencing Local Law.

When does construction start? How long will it take?

Construction is expected to start at the end of April 2021 for a period of approximately 14 weeks, although timeframes may vary and are subject to works being completed as well as City of Kwinana clearances and WAPC approval being achieved.

What about construction noise and dust?

Building sites within the City of Kwinana have specific site management requirements, including hours of operation, dust suppression measures and noise abatement measures. Construction work will be carried out in accordance with the Noise Management Plan approved by the City including Control of Noise Practices. All construction work will be carried out between the hours 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The working day will be shortened to 3pm on Saturdays and there will be no works on Sundays or on public holidays.

Will there be any public housing?

Satterley is not developing this area in partnership with the Department of Communities, so there is no allocation. However, this doesn't stop the Department from purchasing land just the same as any other purchaser and in any other location.

When will titles be issued?

Titles are expected to be issued in October 2021, although timeframes may vary.

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