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Best Coffee Shops within Walking Distance of Ocean Hill, Lakelands

Ocean Hill, Lakelands, coffee shop

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into a new community is finding your new local hotspots. Finding your go-to locations and moving house can feel overwhelming, but with careful research and planning, you can find fabulous places to call your own.

From finding your new doctor, dentist, pub and restaurants, there are so many places to explore to find the spots that work best for you. What’s the most important of these to tackle you may ask? It’s a personal preference, but we thought starting with your new caffeine fix was one of the most important. Moving house caffeine crashes are real.

Perhaps you prefer your coffee-to-go. Or maybe dining in with a good book is more your style. Either way, finding your local cafe to wind away your afternoon or to fix your caffeine needs is a must. Here we share our top coffee spots near your new home at Ocean Hill. 



Caffissimo is one of our favourite spots in Lakelands. Using 100% premium quality Arabica beans, Caffissimo’s coffee blend is of the highest quality, roasted and delivered fresh. They specialise in breakfast, lunch and all-day snacks too!

Find them at: Shop No.1 Lakelands Shopping Centre



Pastries, coffee, juices and sandwiches can all be enjoyed at Central Patisseries. Catch up with your friends while browsing the shops.

Find them at: Shop No.20 Lakelands Shopping Centre



Coffee and muffins don’t get much better than at your local Muffin Break. Their central location is perfect to grab a Capp on the go.

Find them at: 49 Banksiadale Gate, Lakelands



Italian inspired cafe- restaurant Sarba’s Italian has some of the best coffee in town. Grab a pizza or pasta and wind away your afternoon in the heart of Lakelands.

Find them at: 47/49 Banksiadale Gate, Lakelands



Grab your favourite book or take your laptop and spend some time relaxing at The Coffee Club. Whether it’s a celebration, a Sunday breakfast session, coffee with workmates, or a break from shopping, The Coffee Club have you covered.

Find them at: 19 Mandurah Rd, Lakelands


We’ll be sharing more local hot spots for you to enjoy near your new home at Ocean Hill, Lakelands.