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First buyers receive their home keys in Florence Estate

First house and land build in Florence, Mandogalup
Back in May we met Mika and Darren when they were the first residents to have their home slab laid in Florence estate; now they are the very first residents to receive their keys!

We had a quick chat with Darren back in May about their buying journey:

Have you lived in the Mandogalup area before?
No this will be the first time living in the area.

What influenced your decision to buy and build now? What made the timing right for you?
We were looking at buying a property for about a year until COVID hit and impacted the timing. When everything started to become normal again we had both just finished university and started working so it all fell into place perfectly.

How did you first find out about Florence?
We were looking at land in the area and just happened by it, we are extremely glad we did! We coincidently visited on the day Florence had opened.

What attracted you to Florence?
We had a look at the plan and thought it was excellent. We also love the look of the area; the projection of Florence will be an amazing place to raise a family – with a school to be built soon and some amazing parks and nature.

What were the top 3 attributes you were looking for when choosing your block of land?
Land size, location and the layout.

How long did you spend looking for your perfect block?
Longer than we’d like to admit, we made sure to take our time and wait until the block felt right. We had a few options we were looking at, but once we visited Florence a few times, we knew our block was the one.

Any advice for others about to embark on this buying journey?
Take your time and try to enjoy it!

We welcome Darren and Mika to Florence and wish them the very best in their brand-new home built by Celebration Homes.