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Maple Grove - An All Electric Community

Maple Grove electric community

Following the recent announcement by the Victorian Government that from January 1st, 2024, new communities requiring a planning permit in Victoria will no longer be able to connect to gas, Satterley has taken proactive steps to stay ahead of this change by introducing a fully electric community at Maple Grove.

Satterley is working with AusNet and making a substantial investment in upgrading electricity infrastructure to ensure we can meet our residents’ future energy demands.

All homes at Maple Grove will have access to a three-phase power supply, accommodating all your future electricity needs, such as rapid electric vehicle charging, induction cooking, and heating and cooling requirements.

The decision to create an all-electric community aligns with the Government’s strategic move towards net zero emissions. This ensures that our residents can enjoy healthier, more environmentally friendly, and comfortable new homes without worrying about transitioning their home in the future. Our residents will avoid the hassle and expense of retrofitting new electric appliances in the future.

Visit the Victorian Government website to learn more about the Gas Substitution Roadmap and the cost savings of all-electric homes.