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Satterley launches new 72-hectare community in Pakenham East Precinct

New community launched in Packenham East Precinct

Satterley will start selling land on Saturday, July 9th for their latest masterplanned community in the new Pakenham East Precinct. Located off Ryan Road and bounded by the Princess Freeway, Maple Grove will eventually be home to around 3,200 residents.

Comprising 1,160 lots spread over 72.3 hectares, the project incorporates a proposed primary school, a community activity centre and will be the closest community in the precinct to the future Pakenham East Railway Station, an easy walk away.

As with every Satterley community, green spaces will be a prominent feature, as well. The project will include over 7.5 hectares of public open space, including a six-hectare wetlands and two local parks. It will be adjacent to Deep Creek Reserve.

It’s also just ten minutes from Satterley’s Arcadia estate at Officer, one of the most popular and best-loved communities in the corridor.

Lorraine Hibl, who worked on Arcadia for seven years, is the Sales Professional for the new development. She said that the nearly sold-out community had provided Satterley with vital experience in catering to those looking to buy a home in Melbourne’s south east.

Maple Grove is very much its own project with its own major benefits and advantages, but the parallels are hard to ignore. Just as with Arcadia, residents of Maple Grove will have access to everything – shops, transport, schools, services – without being in the middle of the busy-ness." Arcadia has given us a really good idea of what homebuyers are looking for in the south east, as well as a model for those considering buying in Pakenham East. We can say to people, ‘Have a look at Arcadia - see what we've done previously. Look at the parks, the homes, the streetscapes… That’s what you can expect at Maple Grove”

Satterley’s Arcadia Estate in Officer, Victoria Lorraine has lived in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne for most of her life. She loves the region and knows it as well as anyone in the industry.

The great thing is - and I think this is where knowing an area is so important - I live about ten minutes down the road and I've driven to the city and the airport from this area. There are two freeway exits from Pakenham East. That's a huge factor for travel times and convenience. Maple Grove will be tucked in a little bit. And that makes it ideal for young families. They’ll love the greenery and convenience, but also the schools in Pakenham and Beaconsfield. New amenity is important – and it will come to Maple Grove in the form of a proposed primary school, a proposed community activity centre, numerous green spaces and a new train station 400 metres away – but residents will have access to so much straight away.”

Lorraine isn’t the only property professional joining Maple Grove with significant experience in the area. Julian Hill was Development Manager at Arcadia and will take up the same role at the Pakenham East community. Lorraine said she expected him to have a hugely positive impact on the development.

The Dragon Park is a good example of how Julian, with his background in landscape architecture, can turn a feature of a community from something residents like to something they love. Based on land size, that park was a fairly standard green space, but Julian had a vision for something that went way beyond standard. He asked the question ‘How can we do a park in a unique way. How can we appeal to the families in this part of Melbourne?’ And he came up with the idea of a dragon-themed, all-ages playground. It’s become a must-see Melbourne playground”

Pictured: Satterley’s Arcadia Estate Dragon Park

Sales for Maple Grove will be divided into 21 stages. A total of 21 lots will be made available in the first release.

Construction on the project is scheduled to commence in October of this year. The State Government has scheduled the railway station to be completed by the end of 2024.