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St Helena Place Our Community, Our Home

St Helena Place, St Helena birds eye view.
St Helena Place – an exclusive enclave in Melbourne’s north east

Far East Organization has launched St Helena Place, a new masterplanned community with over 240 homes, 26 kilometres north-east of the Melbourne CBD.

Combining family-friendly outdoor spaces with the convenience of city living, the community will be set on a 19-hectare site, offering buyers affordable yet luxurious three and four-bedroom homes and townhomes.

Marketed and managed by Satterley Property Group, its Senior Development Manager, Kat Klau, says the one-of-a-kind development will appeal to a wide range of people in great part thanks to the location and amount of green space.



“It’s a very rare project. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. For a start, it’s a beautiful site with lots of amenity in terms of the landscape.

“In a standard [residential] project, we’re required to dedicate five percent of the area to green space. In the case of St Helena Place, we’re nearly 20 percent. There are a thousand trees across the site and many of them are retained. The result will be an exclusive community enveloped in green space.”

Kat says the project’s size – smaller than most masterplanned communities in the area – will also make it stand out. St Helena Place will be released over four stages; the first release will open on the 26th of February.

Another feature that differentiates St Helena Place, Kat says, is its history. Far East Organization, one of Singapore’s largest private developers first purchased the site more than 30 years ago. Since then, extensive planning has taken place, in addition to an additional purchase of adjacent land and some significant landscaping works.

“A fully rejuvenated wetland divides the site in two. And it’s been there for nearly three years. That’s incredible; you would never get that in a typical new community development.

“When Far East Organization commenced the project several years ago, they asked us to go ahead with the environmental renewal project as a matter of priority. Although we didn’t end up going ahead with sales at that time, we did complete the $2 million wetland project. It looks like it’s been there for years – because it has.”



Kat describes the wetland as a “little hidden oasis” and the project as an “exclusive enclave within Greensborough”. St Helena and Greensborough in fact share the same postcode but, as is so often the case in Melbourne, this community that shares a postcode with a much larger suburb has developed a character and charm all of its own.

“It’s a premium part of the much larger suburb,” Kat explains.

“There are a lot of people in Greensborough and Eltham who aspire to live in St Helena, but at the moment, the choices are limited. Only about 30 properties go on the market each year in this part of Melbourne. And they’re mostly older housing, built in the 80s and 90s.”

“Brand new homes set within a beautiful natural environment, within easy reach of excellent transport and surrounded by established schools and amenities are hard to come by anywhere, let alone 35 minutes from the centre of Melbourne.”

“St Helena Place offers all that and more,” said Kat.