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Why Alyssa and Michael made Heartford their new Home

Heartford, Donnybrook customer testimonial Alyssa and Michael.
Why Alyssa and Michael made Heartford their new Home

“The beautiful service ultimately pushed our decision to sign on with Satterley”

Partners Alyssa and Michael had been looking for their first home since October last year. After much research, and plenty of time spent considering established homes, they decided that a new home suited their situation best.

The pair, both in their early 20s, have always lived in Melbourne and both grew up in the northern suburbs. They knew of Donnybrook, not just because it was so close to where they lived, but as an “up and coming suburb”.

Alyssa says they were initially attracted to Heartford because of its location and affordability. However, it was a Satterley representative who made all the difference in their decision to buy in the masterplanned community.

“In our opinion Satterley’s prices beat its rival estates in Donnybrook. The position is close to everything we need – parks, schools, transport and shopping centres.

“But the beautiful service that Cheryl Pearson provided to us was ultimately what pushed our decision to sign on with Satterley. The moment we registered our interest for Heartford, she greeted us with open arms and made us feel like we were making the right decision. Cheryl was reliable, patient and prompt.


“Being first home buyers we had a lot of questions that we needed answers to. Finding a real sales professional that actually cares for their customers is very hard, but Satterley have some of the best people representing them.”

With the decision to buy in Heartford made, the time came for Alyssa and Michael to choose a block. And Alyssa says they’re delighted by the land they ended up selecting.

“The location of our block in Heartford is perfect. It’s peaceful and not too busy and we only need to walk a couple of minutes to have everything we need.


“We didn’t want a busy estate. We wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet, as that’s where home is.”

The couple have also chosen their new home design and hope to get building started in late 2023. In the meantime, they’re looking forward to their new life together in a community they have enormous confidence in.

“What I’m most looking forward to about moving into Heartford is to enjoy the many facilities that Satterley provides. My partner and I are very familiar with Satterley’s work, whether it be Botanical in Mickleham or True North in Greenvale. The plans that Satterley had for these established estates is very similar to what Heartford will be.”


“My partner and I can’t wait to make use of the many reserves and nature that Satterley is keeping throughout the estate, as well as the town centre and school.”

Although the end result could not have been better, Alyssa admits the process of buying their first property wasn’t always easy. Her advice to those seeking their first home is to stay patient and positive:

“[Don’t] feel rushed or pressured to settle.


“Before coming across Heartford, there were many times when my partner and I thought maybe we needed to sacrifice or change our plans, but ultimately we just took our time looking and the perfect block and estate came along!”