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Why Eden Beach? An Interview with Eden Beach's New Residents

Eden Beach, Jindalee, new path to the coast
Meet Eden Beach’s new residents!

We asked Steffany and Jackson what made them choose to build in Eden Beach! Steffany said:

“My partner and I are about to start construction on our home in Chambered way, Eden Beach Jindalee. We were first drawn to Eden Beach estate after some friends invited us down to the foreshore during summer for barbecues and other events.  “How amazing would it be to build here?” I would say, jokingly. But then we really started to think about it!

As first time builders, my partner and I went in completely blind on what to expect when it came to building a house. We knew we wanted to stay near Butler, as we’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet for the past 2 years that we have lived up here. We never saw a point in buying established, because you’re spending so much money on a home so it should be exactly what you want. When we decided to sign a second lease for our rental, we realised we now had the time to build our dream home, so we started looking in the closest and most appealing place we could think of, Eden Beach!

The estate caters for our needs with its beautiful parks, spacious blocks and the closeness to the beach. These are the main things we wanted for our lifestyle and the cost was fully within our budget. Eden beach is also a fantastic place to raise a family, although this is not our priority at the moment, it gives us the chance to set ourselves up for life.

All this considered, it was only a few weeks later that we found the lot we wanted, a corner block on an amazing 506m2  and so we put our deposit down there and then. The lot we picked is on the border on the estate, which will be nice and quiet but also very close to a large park where we can exercise our dog, which was a big factor in choosing where to build.

We were in the display village when we found a display home we wanted to model our dream home from, so we quickly got in touch with the representative from New Generation homes to get this house put onto our block. Due to the shape of our lot, we were unable to get a design like the one we had seen, however New Generation were able to design a custom home just for us to suit our corner block. We are building a 4×2 family home with plenty of space for our large dog and maybe the kids one day. We know that Satterley and the Summit homes group often work together, so it didn’t effect our decision but it definitely gave us more confidence in our choices.

We see Eden Beach as a high class estate that will be a brilliant place to set up our lives, with the closeness to the beach and parks being what we were looking for, there was no need for hesitation. We are confident that we will love living in Eden Beach, because it has been set up so well. The amenities provided within the estate just make it more appealing, and with more and more work being done on the foreshore, it just adds to the appeal. Eden Beach is the kind of place we have always dreamed of living in, and because of its affordability, that dream will soon become the reality! We can’t be more excited to see our dream home in Eden Beach!”