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A guide to building after buying land

You’ve just bought a new block to build your dream home on. You’re delighted with your purchase. You’re thrilled by the possibilities. But you’re struggling to work out what to do next. 

If this sounds like you, you’re absolutely not alone. In fact, senior new homes consultant at Burbank, Chris Awad, says you’re very likely in the majority

Burbank is one of several of Victoria’s best builders that Satterley works closely with, helping our customers plan for and build homes in our communities.

We had a chat with Chris to get his tips on the home building

“I would say seventy percent of people I speak with don’t fully understand the process. My job is to help find the right approach for the client,” Chris said.

His job is to speak with clients after they’ve purchased land, either while or after they’ve decided on a builder. He takes them through planning approvals, council regulations, what they can expect during the construction period and details that might be specific to their site, such as bushfire safety compliance.

“One of the main things people speak with me about is their budget. They might not have taken into account particular aspects – site costs are a very common example of this.”

If he could offer a single piece of advice it would be to ask as many questions as you can.

“I always encourage clients that there really are no silly questions. Often the ones they think are silly bring out the gold. In addition, I would say be as open and honest with your new home consultant as you can. The more honest you are, the better they can help you. I often find if there’s a problem way down the end of the process it’s because a client has, often unknowingly, withheld important information right back at the start.”

For any further questions about land at any of our communities across Melbourne or building a house, our sales team is always ready to help.
Head to the community contact page for details.

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