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True North, Greenvale aerial view.

A Pause in Land Sales at True North Greenvale

As you may know, in a community like True North, there is sometimes a delay between the end of one sales period for a stage and the beginning of sales for the next stage. In this case, the period between stage 23 and stage 24 will be longer than usual.

The next neighbourhood at True North is located on a parcel of land which has not yet been re-zoned for residential use. Satterley has been working closely with planning and servicing authorities to have this land-rezoned, and we expect that this will happen early-2024.

This sales pause has brought about some questions from True North purchasers, potential purchasers and other community members. We’ve answered them and put together a “frequently asked questions” document, which you can download via the link below.

True North FAQ
True North, Greenvale entry statement.