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Community Grants

Our Community Sponsorship Program helps the community grow and become self-sustainable over time. Local groups and non-profit organisations can apply for funding to support local events, activities, projects or to purchase new equipment.

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Explore our Community Sponsorship Program

Some amazing community-driven initiatives have been supported as part of the sponsorship programs run across select Satterley estates, such as resident groups, youth and sporting programs, cultural celebrations, and multi-year partnerships. Let’s work together to get great things happening in and around Dalyellup Beach!

Is Your Group Eligible?

Find out everything you need to know about Dalyellup Beach’s Community Sponsorship Program including focus areas and eligibility criteria.

Read the program guidelines
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Apply Anytime

Applications are accepted anytime so you don’t need to wait for a funding round to open. Simply download and complete the form and follow the submission instructions so your request can be considered.

Download the application form
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