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$100 Picnic Challenge at Eden Beach

Eden Beach, Jindalee, young family enjoying a picnic

Enjoying your local community doesn’t have to break the bank. With so many fantastic amenities and the new Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground, you don’t have to spend a fortune dining in expensive restaurants to see million-dollar views and to experience delicious food with your loved ones. We gave ourselves the challenge to create a picnic for a family of four to enjoy at Eden Beach using only local shops and spending less than $100.

The Butler Central shopping precinct has everything you could need to create something delicious for all the family. Here is how we spent our $100!

The basics

We spent $32 on picnic essentials and made sure everything we selected could be used again or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. A picnic blanket, outdoor plates, and cups were purchased from Red Dot as well as a Biopak disposable cutlery set we found at Woolworths. At only 55 cents a pack, this eco-friendly brand is a winner in our book!

Total approximately: $32

The food

Eden Beach has so many BBQ’s throughout the community so we decided to focus our food for the family on DIY Barbeque Skewers With Tzatziki And Pita Dippers. We prepared the skewers at home so we could pop them straight onto the BBQ when we arrived to feed hungry kids!

Alongside our skewers, we paired a delicious Maple and Bacon Salad Kit and Coleslaw. These simple items were ready made and perfect to grab and go. We added tomatoes to the salad for colour and extra flavour.

Chips and dip completed our picnic selection with a homemade Good n Green Dip. This made the perfect snack while our skewers were sizzling away on the BBQ.

Total approximately: $43

The fun

Red Dot was full of fun, family-friendly games. A cricket bat and ball set were our choice of game as all the family can enjoy and play, no matter their age, time and time again. We also purchased re-useable frozen icy pole makers which we filled with Bickfords Lemon Cordial from Woolworths and froze at home the night before. The citrus lemon was a delicious flavour and very refreshing after a game of cricket you on a warm afternoon.

For the adults we splashed out, spending $6.99 on Aldi’s award-winning One Road South Australian and Heathcote Shiraz. This wine won in various categories 6 years in a row and with its clean and fruity taste, you can see why.

Total approximately: $25

The Location

With so many fantastic spots, Eden Beach is rich in idyllic picnic locations with BBQ’s and toilets. With a young family, the Eden Beach Foreshore Park and Playground was the perfect choice for an afternoon of beautiful views, fun for the kids and ample space to enjoy peace and tranquillity while overlooking the ocean.

Total: FREE

The Verdict

The proximity of Butler Central to Eden Beach made shopping so easy! The range of manicured lawns and picnic spots provided a great variety of locations for us to choose from, as so many had BBQ areas overlooking the beach. With our picnic essentials mostly reusable, a family picnic can be put together in no time, without breaking the bang and much more often.

Total: 10/10