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Dalyellup Diamonds Sparkle Thanks to Dalyellup Beach

Dalyellup Beach, Dalyellup Diamonds baseball game v4
Dalyellup Beach Estate are proud sponsors of the Dalyellup Diamonds

Satterley Property Group and Dalyellup Beach Estate are proud sponsors of the 2019/20 season for the newly formed Dalyellup Diamonds Teeball & Softball Club with funds helping towards uniforms for the inaugural junior softball team.

The expansion of the Dalyellup Diamonds to offer softball has meant that Dalyellup kids growing out of teeball as a sport can remain with the Club and play softball as part of a Dalyellup-based junior team.

Since the season starter on 19 October 2019, Dalyellup’s first junior softball team has improved game on game and is hoping for a win before the fixture is out.

“The team look amazing,” said team coach and Club President, Simon O’Neill.

“We’ve had so many comments from everyone watching.”

The Dalyellup Diamonds home ground is Ferndale Park in Dalyellup with games on Saturdays at 10.30am and training on Mondays at 5pm. Teeball players 5-10 years and softball players 10-13 years are welcome.

Pop down to say hi on game or training days, or contact the Club via email to [email protected].

Satterley and Dalyellup Beach Estate encourage sponsorship applications for community-run initiatives that will help to make Dalyellup a great place to live.

“Our sponsorship of the Dalyellup Diamonds Teeball & Softball Club is just one example of funding we’ve provided in support of local community activity,” said Satterley Community Development Manager, Amy Blundell.

“If there are other local groups, clubs or organisations in need of funding, I’d recommend that they have a look at our sponsorship guidelines and consider submitting an application.”

Applying for sponsorship is quick and easy to do, with applications open all year round. The Dalyellup Beach Community Sponsorship Program guidelines and application form can be downloaded from the website or obtained from Satterley’s friendly team by emailing [email protected].