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Dalyellup Dockers Indigenous jersey sponsorship

Dalyellup Dockers Indigenous jersey sponsorship
Through our Community Development sponsorship initiative, we provided local south-west football club the Dalyellup Dockers with funds to contribute to the purchase of their new team jerseys.


Dalyellup Beach Estate is one of many of our estates that provide such sponsorship to community groups.

We are proud to support community initiatives such as this and welcome the opportunity to partner with clubs that build community connections and offers recreational opportunities for children and youth.

The club engaged a young, local artist to create the Indigenous design of the jersey.

We spoke to James Skoda from the Daly Dockers and found out a little bit more about what such a sponsorship means to the club.

Tell us a little bit about the Daly Dockers

The club was established in 2007, and currently has teams in Year 3, 4, 6 & 8, and 35 Auskick participants.

Where did you / the club hear about the Satterley / Dalyellup community grant program?

I am familiar with the grant, and have applied for funding for quite a number of projects which have included the Spectator shelter, concreting, etc. I believe I first heard about it from the Shire of Capel.

Who was the indigenous artist involved in designing the jerseys?

The artist is Keehan McGuire, his father was a coach at our club for a couple of years and his younger brothers played at our club. They are all currently in Dubai living there.

What is the story behind the design?

The large circle that has symbols within represents a meeting place. In this case, it represents the Dalyellup community and each circle is larger than the other with more symbols representing our growing community. Circles within aboriginal art also represent strong connections and long periods of time so the sense of community within Dalyellup will last for a very long time. Down the bottom, there are waves representing Dalyellup’s beaches and the symbols within the waves represent bodies of water so the ocean, and also the lakes. The kangaroo symbols that travel around the jersey are there as representative of Dalyellup’s wildlife and the star symbols represent guidance, strength, and luck.

What does the Satterley / Dalyellup sponsorship mean to the team?

I sincerely cannot thank Satterley enough for not only this recent sponsorship, but also past sponsorship, especially if you are to see where we play our games and we operate out of the shed. In relation to the jumpers, we are the first club in the South West to have an Indigenous design jumper as a our permanent jumper, so we are very proud to taken that initiative. Feedback by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous families has been fantastic, and it has also been embraced by the South West Junior Football League. As we are a non- for-profit club, which does not have a senior team to generate an income as a lot of the clubs do, to purchase 8 brand new jumper sets would not have been probable without Satterley’s generosity.

Any other additional comments you would like to make about the team or the sponsorship?

I can not say enough times how appreciative we are of your support over the years, and it is greatly appreciated. Hence why you are recognised on our letterheads as a major sponsor of your club. Your logo will also be posted on our new website and also your sponsorship and photos was posted on our first game with the Satterley Logo displayed.

Congratulations to the Community Development team for another wonderful sponsorship being fully embraced by the community.

You can follow along with the Daly Dockers journey via their Facebook page.

Find out more about our Community Development sponsorship initiative here.