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Dalyellup Surf Club's exciting future

Dalyellup Beach, Dalyellup surf community event

Dalyellup Surf Club is one of the pillars of our community. Providing activities, fun and a sense of neighbourly spirit to Dalyellup, the surf club has been an integral part of many residents’ lifestyles. Having operated from sea containers for almost 16 years, the news of a new facility is long-awaited by members and the local community.

The new 400 square metre premises has been funded by a contribution by the state government of $300,000. Alongside this state support, a Lotterywest grant has been awarded to the surf club for $41,000 to purchase furniture and equipment. Since 2003, sea containers have been the home of Dalyellup Surf Club but with a growing membership base of over 100 members of all ages and thriving community atmosphere, the new club facility is very much in need.

With plans to expand their membership base over the coming months and years, the new more permanent location is set to become a hive of activities for residents of all ages to enjoy. Operating Since 2001, Dalyellup Surf Club are a family orientated club with activities for all ages, from as young as six! From surfing to stand up paddleboarding to ski paddling to nipper boards, senior malibus, competition swims and fitness training there is something for everyone to enjoy and participate in. Best of all, Dalyellup Surf Club is the heart of the Dalyellup community offering the perfect place to meet your neighbours and to become immersed with your new locals.

Keep up to date with Dalyellup Surf Club on their website. If you’re keen to become a part of a thriving community like Dalyellup, explore land for sale at Dalyellup Beach Estate and find out more about the oceanside lifestyle that awaits you.

Images courtesy of Dalyellup Surf Club Facebook Page.

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