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Eden Beach - The Studio, a success story

Eden Beach, Jindalee, young woman completing yoga on the beach

The Studio at Eden Beach, Jindalee is a space designed to offer local residents a place to hold business events, grow their business or hold social and private functions with family and friends. The space is available in return for a donation to Eden Beach’s chosen charity, Telethon, and is available for residents in Eden Beach as well as the wider community. The Studio is the ideal location for anyone looking to expand their business or become more active in their community without the commitment of a long term commercial lease.

The Studio has several success stories since opening and has been used by many businesses to date. One of the recent success stories comes from Live2BeFit, who run fitness classes for local residents across thirteen different formats. Their thirty minute classes are ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and prioritises their health and fitness. After being contacted by owner Heidi Conner, The Studio offered Live2BeFit a location to broaden their services as well as a wet weather location for those winter days! The area has allowed Live2BeFit to continue their classes throughout the year and grow their numbers to a point that they now need to move to a larger space.

Another success story, in the form of Zen Life Yoga, showcases how a small business was able to grow their numbers and become a favourite with the local community at the same time!

The Studio is perfectly designed to help the local community grow their business while supporting Telethon, which supports children by providing critical services and resources. So far, the Studio has raised $2000 for Telethon and this number is only set to grow with the number of businesses and residents using the Studio growing too.

The team at Eden Beach are delighted with the impact the Studio has had on the community since it started and the growth in usage of the space, Katie Dixon, Eden Beach Community Development Coordinator said “each month we see around 8-10 different groups using the Studio. It’s been a very successful initiative for the local community and one that residents have loved as The Studio is indoor, local and easily accessible. In return for a small donation, the studio can be easily organised for your next one-off or recurring event”.

The Studio is open outside of sales office hours, which means it can be accessed at the time that suits your business or schedule. There is currently plenty of space available for anyone looking to use the Studio, so if you’re looking to start something new or grow your business like Live2BeFit and Zen Life Yoga, visit the Studio’s page to book now, it’s a simple process that takes no longer than five minutes!

If you’re interested in Live2BeFit’s classes, you can visit them at the Waterfront at Shorehaven to get active in 2020!