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Pet Safety Tips for your new Eden Beach Home

Dog sitting up straight

Make your new home at Eden Beach safe for your pets

Moving into your new home at Eden Beach is exciting but can sometimes be a little overwhelming; and not just for us, but for our furry friends too! New surrounds, smells and environment can upset our pets balance and can make them feel a little unsettled for a few weeks until normality sets in again.

Keeping a safe and secure environment for your pet is our responsibility as pet owners. Below we share a few tips to help your furry family member adjust to their new home!

A new home or your first home is a great time to add a new family member. We’re big fans of adopting animals who are in need of a loving family. Check out the RSPCA guide here, detailing the adoption process.

If you’re new to pet ownership think about your lifestyle before committing to a new pet. Do you have time to dedicate to this special family member? Are you home enough to take care of a new pet? The RSPCA shares their top questions to ask yourself and your family before making this decision.

New surrounds can be interesting to explore but it’s important to be responsible and make sure your back garden is secure and safe for your pet to play in.

  • Understand the plants in your garden as some can be harmful to animals.
  • Use pet-friendly weed killer.
  • Wash your dog’s paws after a walk to remove traces non-pet friendly weed killer your neighbours may use.
  • Secure your gates and make sure visitors are aware you have a pet so they keep your home and garden secure too.
  • Be aware of wildlife, especially in a new community. Snakes and spiders are real backyard hazards for our pets.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your back yard, teach your pup how to use the stairs and to get out of the pool safely.



New surroundings can upset our pets. Dogs especially can become anxious when their old routine is disrupted. As responsible pet owners, we should be in tune with our pets behaviour and notice any changes in their personality that may show they feel anxious or distressed.

  • Spend time with your pet when you move into your new home. They can’t tell you verbally they need reassurance so take the time to spend a few extra minutes ensuring they feel taken care of too.
  • Make a note of any changes of behaviour and have a researched vet you can take your pet to when they need extra TLC.
  • Provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep away from loud noises or anything that could startle them. Look for spots similar to your previous home that may provide comfort and reassurance.
  • A new community means new friends. Take your dog to one of Eden Beach’s Parks or walking trails to meet your neighbours. Be aware that your pooch might be nervous or behave aggressively towards new dogs and take the necessary precautions.


We encourage responsible pet ownership and love to see our resident dog owners getting out and about in the Eden Beach community with their furry family members. If you’re not yet an Eden Beach resident, check out our land for sale in Jindalee, landscaped parks, walking trails and more you and your furry friends could enjoy by joining the thriving Eden Beach community.