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Telethon Home 2022

Continuing the tradition of building the Telethon Home in vibrant and growing communities, the 2022 Telethon Home is located in Seaside Estate in the idyllic, coastal suburb of Madora Bay.

Seaside, Madora Bay Telethon Home 2022 lounge room

Telethon Home Sold!

Perfectly situated within 1km of a pristine beach and surrounded by established schools, parks, shops and amenities, this beautiful 4x2 coastal home features cleverly designed living spaces with the latest in technology and luxury finishes. No wonder it sold for $760,000 and contributed to a record-breaking annual total of $71.4 million!

Giving back to the community

A big part of Satterley, and what we stand for as a company, is what we give back to the community. Nigel and his family have been contributing to Telethon for over 50 years.

Seaside, Madora Bay Fat Cat

Record breaker

This year saw the total amount raised by Telethon in its 55 years surpass a massive $500 million. Satterley is proud to be part of a tradition which makes such a difference to those children and families in need.

Seaside, Madora Bay Telethon Home 2022

Previous sale results of the Telethon Home

2019 | The Hales | $655,000

2018 | The Hales | $730,000

2017 | Eden Beach | $650,000

2016 | Eden Beach | $750,000

Seaside, Madora Bay auction for the Telethon Home
Seaside, Madora Bay, banner