Life in the Arcadia estate represents the perfect blend of urban living with an abundance of open spaces for an active lifestyle.

With 25 hectares of dedicated open space, including three parks, your backyard at Arcadia has everything you need for your family’s health and fitness. 

Mother nature is never far away at Arcadia, whether you’re spotting wildlife while taking a stroll along the tranquil Gum Scrub Creek, running around the two sports grounds, or exploring our huge network of cycling and walking paths.

Gumnut Park on Harmony Place was Arcadia's first park to open, and features play equipment for kids who love to climb, seating areas and free Wi-Fi, and was named by a local resident. Check out our photo gallery from our latest pet adoption event at Gumnut Park here

Satterley Property Group's 1.6 million park on Flanagan Avenue, features a flying fox, table tennis, skate area, family seating areas and wide open spaces – ideal for relaxing weekends with friends and family. View the photo gallery here.

Our third $2.3 million neighbourhood park 'Dragon Park' has also just opened and is located on Hansel Avenue. Check out some pictures below.

'Dragon' Park at Arcadia