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Clementine is the story of a neighbourhood designed to savour the little pleasures in life. A neighbourhood in picturesque Upper Swan, between the impressive Darling Ranges and the serene banks of the Ellen Brook.

Flowers at Clementine Upper Swan

Explore the story

This is the story of a former vineyard with a zest that transcends the surrounding fruit trees.

The Cottage

In 1944, Josip Glavota purchased 80 acres of land in Upper Swan with money that he made prospecting during the gold rush. The Glavota home was transported from Kalgoorlie to Orange Avenue where Josip established a vineyard, mainly growing currants for dried fruit.

When Satterley acquired the property, it was this piece of local history that inspired our vision to renovate the cottage to become the Clementine Sales Office. Unfortunately, when a storm hit in November 2020, the only thing left standing was the (slightly wobbly) chimney! Not to be dissuaded, we carried on and built a replica of the cottage in its place to mark the area’s rich and fruitful history.

Old house before being refurbished at Clementine Upper Swan

The Pavilion

The grounds of Clementine were once used to produce fruit – mainly grapes for local vignerons to make table wine, or dried on wire racks to make currants, sultanas and raisins. The Pavilion pays homage to this grape growing history and was built in the style of an old drying shed. The Pavilion is located next to a lovely community green and the Clementine Sales Cottage. These spaces are collectively known as the Clementine Share Place and are available for community use.

Old shed at Clementine Upper Swan

The Clementine Story

Clementine, Upper Swan, Sandy Project Director