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Satterley celebrates ongoing partnership with Telethon

Satterley Fat Cat with children from Madora Bay primary school
Satterley is hugely proud of its enduring partnership with Telethon, with 2023 seeing the collaboration moving into its 43rd year.

A big part of Satterley, and what we stand for as a company, is in giving back to the community. Nigel and his family have been contributing to Telethon for over 50 years.

The 2023 Telethon Home returns to Seaside in Madora Bay, and is once again being built by Home Group.

The 2022 Telethon Home, built by Home Group in Seaside estate, sold for $760,000, contributing to a record-breaking annual total of $71.4 million!

2022 also saw the total amount raised by Telethon in its 55 years surpass $500 million!

Some previous results of the Telethon Home were:

2019 | The Hales | $655,000
2018 | The Hales | $730,000
2017 | Eden Beach | $650,000
2016 | Eden Beach | $750,000

We are very proud of our ongoing commitment to Telethon and look forward to carrying this on into the future.

Enjoy the video below celebrating Satterley’s ongoing partnership with Telethon!