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2019-10-22 Community & Lifestyle

Dog adoption day at Arcadia

Every year in Australia, more than 200,000 dogs are taken in by pounds and shelters. Some have escaped out of a gate or gone missing unexpectedly and their loving owners find them again. But many have been abandoned and need to find a new home if they’re to have any chance of survival.

Pet’s Haven is a Victorian animal welfare organisation and shelter dedicated to finding new homes for such dogs (as well as cats, horses, rabbits and guinea pigs).

Earlier this year, Satterley partnered with Pet’s Haven and hosted a Dog Adoption Day at Arcadia. The free community event attracted 300 people who enjoyed free coffee, as well as ice cream, hot dogs (of the sausage and bread variety!) and face painting.

Seventeen dogs found new homes on the day and Pet’s Haven told us it was the best community event they’d ever been involved with.

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