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2022-08-10 Community & Lifestyle

Focus on Tarneit - school choice

Victoria bills itself as The Education State and we know that parents everywhere want the state to live up to its title. For many families living within (or considering) Satterley communities, nothing is more important than proximity to schools.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about some of the many education options within easy reach of Bluestone.

Garrang Wilam Primary School

This is one of the very newest schools in the area, having opened its doors at the start of 2021. Naturally, the facilities are state-of-the-art and in excellent condition.

The name is pronounced gar-rang wil-um and is taken from Woi-wurrung, the language spoken by the Wurundjeri people. It means “eucalyptus home”.

Importantly, a large part of Bluestone falls within the Garrang Wilam school zone.

Image credit: Garrang Wilam Primary School

Tarneit P-9 College

The other school that’s within the school zone for Bluestone is Tarneit P-9 College.

As the name suggests, this government school offers classes from Prep all the way up to Year 9. The school opened in 2013 and concentrates specifically on literacy, mathematics, science and performing arts.

It’s a five-minute drive from Bluestone.

Tarneit Senior College

This is the P-9 College’s sister school, offering classes from years 10 to 12.

The different campuses allow maturing students the chance to complete their final-year studies in an adult environment.

It’s very close to the junior school - just five minutes from Bluestone in the car.

Truganina P-9 College

This school opened at the beginning of 2015 and will also be within the zone for many Bluestone residents.

The curriculum covers technology, drama and Spanish, in addition to staples like English, maths, art and music.

It’s no more than ten minutes from Bluestone in the car.

Tarneit Rise Primary School

This school opened only a few years ago and features excellent facilities (including a competition-grade netball gym).

French, physical education, performing arts and visual arts are among the specialist subjects taught.

The school is less than a ten-minute drive from Bluestone.

Image credit: Tarneit Rise Primary School

Other schools

There are numerous other schools slightly further from - but still close to - the community. They include government primary and secondary schools, Catholic, Lutheran and Islamic schools, as well as specialist schools.

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