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2020-07-15 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

How to stay sane during the July School Holidays

The July School Holidays are nearly upon us and the worry of how to keep our little ones (or not so little ones) entertained for two.. whole.. weeks can feel overwhelming. Having a house full of tiny terrors can be stressful, daunting and expensive, but with some careful planning and out of the box ideas the school holidays can run smoothly!

We’re sharing a few activities to keep the kiddies entertained, but not so much so that your bank balance takes a hit. Here are our top 5 free or very affordable activities to do with your children during these July School Holidays.

Plan your activity days from your home days

Not every day of the school holidays has to be filled with day outings. Staying at home can be fun too. Plan the days you’ll be home and those you’ll be adventuring outside with an ‘at-home’ activity to enjoy together on your days off. Arts and crafts or cooking are affordable ways to get little minds thinking while spending quality time together. Make a batch of healthy muffins like these ones to enjoy for the rest of the week! 

Try marking your days out and days in on a family calendar you can all share to keep everyone in the loop about the weeks' activities and when to expect the action!

Slow down and enjoy the downtime

Try and enjoy the downtime with your little ones. Stay in your PJ’s a little bit longer than normal, enjoy the sleep in, watch the movie, taste the snacks and ignore the mess. We know it’s a big ask but try and enjoy the time of the year your kids love so much! Embrace spending time with them and know that normality and routine will resume once the school term starts again. Who knows, maybe you need the time off too!

Burn some energy

A school day really takes the energy out of our little ones and we know that no school equals extra energy. Plan a trip to the park, cycle around your neighbourhood or enjoy a spot of swimming at your local pool before dinner to burn off any extra steam your kiddies might have to keep your nighttime routine semi-normal.

Parents, we’re in this together

Meet up with friends who are in the same boat to keep you and your kiddies entertained together! Catching up with a school friend who lives nearby can be a great way to keep your little one in touch with school friends, especially those who share similar interests. Perhaps you could take a day of holiday care each to give the other a mid-week break. Don’t forget to ask for help from other parents or grandparents too!

Keep some me time

The school holidays are a break from school for your children, but that doesn’t mean you should burn out as a result. Research local vacation care or sports clubs you could use for your time-out in the week. There are so many affordable programs near you to book into, like the Multi-Sports Holiday Club from our friends at Target Sports or these low-cost activity days run by The City of Wanneroo. All a hop skip and a jump from you at Eden Beach.

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