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Community public art piece designed Catalina Beach

Young friends enjoying the coastline
Tamala Park Regional Council has commissioned the design of a public art piece to be installed in Catalina Beach Estate Park.

A brief was issued to interested artists with the requirement that they engage with a local community group to complete the art piece so that nearby residents were contributing the art works and the community were involved in the space. Jahne Rees, owner of Scape-ism, has been commissioned to deliver the art piece and has proposed the theme of the work on the idea of “Building Community Together”.

Jahne held a workshop at Mindarie Primary School at the end of July and the school kids enjoyed brainstorming ideas and working together to create concepts for the art piece. The kids set about tracing their bodies in various positions on large format paper, using thick chalks or crayons. They were then cut out and assembled together to create the overall narrative structure on a long wall. Students could then refine the individual drawings to make sense of the way each of the figures work together and connect with each other.

Jahne is currently progressing with the final design for art installation which will be sandblasted onto pre-cast concrete panels located at the rear of the climbing walls within the Catalina Beach Park. Jahne said the collaborative design process with the school children was a “great metaphor for building community”.

Satterley’s chief executive Nigel Satterley, said the new artwork will help bring a focus on creating spaces for social interaction between neighbours, family and friends at Catalina Estate

Existing public artwork, designed by Leanne Bray, installed in 2016.