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Meet the new Madora Bay Primary School Principal, Samantha Benn!

Madora Bay primary school

With the commencement of the school year approaching, we sat down with the incoming Principal of brand-new Madora Bay Primary School to learn a bit about her!

The new primary school, the first for the suburb of Madora Bay, is situated in our Seaside estate, and has been a massive draw for families in choosing the development for their new home.​​​​​​

With the school construction now complete, and welcoming students from 1 February, we spoke with incoming and founding Principal Samantha Benn.

What is your background / where were you before MBPS?

Before taking up the position at Madora Bay PS, I was Principal at Koorana Primary School. Prior to that I’ve worked as a teacher and leader in several schools here in WA and also in the UK. I started my career in teaching at a brand-new school, and this year marks twenty years for me in public education so it’s really exciting to be opening Madora Bay PS as the foundation principal. 

Are you a WA / Perth / South Metro local?

I certainly am – I’m a Mandurah local. I love all that the area has to offer in terms of the outstanding natural environment and great community. 

What attracted you to this role at MBPS?

The opportunity to establish a school community from the ground up is incredibly appealing, especially in a growing suburb where the school can really be the heart of the community. I love the way that the suburb of Madora Bay blends the older established area with the newly developing Seaside Estate – it brings a rich diversity of people and a very bright future for young families. 

Building a team of staff who are passionate and committed to developing a positive culture and making our vision a reality is an incredible privilege and is an absolute highlight of the role so far. We have an outstanding team of educators and I’m really excited for the future of Madora Bay PS.

When is the school year due to start / the school officially open?

Our school’s very first day for students will be Wednesday 1st February – we can’t wait to welcome all our children and families through our gates for the very first time, it’s going to be really special.

How many students are enrolled for 2023 / what year groups are there?

We currently have 115 students from Kindergarten right up to Year Six. It’s quite a small cohort to start with which is a real advantage when it comes to getting to know everyone and creating a sense of belonging.

What is your 5yr expansion vision for MBPS?

Our vision is that every child will gain the skills and attributes to achieve their life aspirations in an environment where they are connected, valued and counted. We’re looking forward to working in partnership with our community to achieve this. We’ll definitely be focusing on building positive relationships, developing consistent teaching practices and embedding our values of respect, responsibility, excellence and kindness into all that we do.

We expect to grow steadily each year so welcoming every new student, family and staff member to establish their sense of place and ensure our culture and practices are consistent will be important.

Do you have any comments about the school / facilities / location?

The location of our school is absolutely world class! We’re already looking forward to our ocean views from our two-storey teaching blocks. We’re also hoping to make good use of the local environment, the beach and nearby facilities for school and family events. One of the benefits of a brand-new public school is the state-of-the-art facilities and resources – our students will be incredibly fortunate to have daily access to specialist high quality learning spaces in which to learn and discover.

How important do you think it is for schools to be integrated with their local community? In what ways can this be done?

Community engagement is absolutely paramount for effective schools, and educational opportunities are significantly enhanced when schools work in partnership with parents and families. There is certainly a thirst for this partnership in our community so we’re looking forward to working together for our children. I think really effective communication is the first step here – families need to be involved in decision making where possible and kept informed about what’s happening in our school. There will be lots of opportunities for families and communities to come into the school to support our children with all types of activities. We also hope for our students to give back to the community too in various ways such as school choir performances and Junior Council. 

Where can prospective parents / students go for more information on MBPS?

Our website has lots of information for parents, as well as policies, curriculum documents and information about student support. We also have a Facebook page which we have used so far to provide updates about our school and look forward to sharing updates about what’s happening in our classrooms soon. Parents can also call or email – all our contact details are on our website. 

We wish Samantha and all the incoming staff and students a wonderful 2023, and we are delighted to welcome them to our Seaside community!