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Seaside sponsors WestSwim Para Mobility stairs

Seaside sponsors WestSwim Para Mobility stairs
Through Satterley’s community sponsorship program, Seaside estate provided funding to WestSwim Lakelands for the installation of a set of Para Mobility stairs.


Disability care equipment can dramatically affect the quality of life and experiences for people with a disability or people ageing or less mobile to assist with their activities of daily living.

The steps installed were the Platypus Pool Steps. These stairs have been designed to benefit the elderly, arthritic, expectant mothers, young learners or anyone who is uncomfortable with or has difficulty using traditional vertical swimming pool ladders.

The steps have been wholeheartedly embraced by the community, with the lovely feedback below coming in recently from WestSwim Lakelands:

The whole WestSwim Lakelands community is so excited too …. Our community members with a disability who access the facility has doubled – specifically due to the paramobility steps. It has been life changing for some people, who don’t have to travel long distances for their rehab, therapy and fitness

We are so happy to see the real benefits from our sponsorship endeavours being enjoyed by the communities!

Our Community Development team have a number of different options for providing funding assistance for local sporting clubs or special interest groups through the community sponsorship program. More information on our community initiatives can be found here.