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Unique pieces of artwork find their home at Catalina

Catalina, Mindarie and Clarkson, unique art work within community
Sculpture inspired by an unfurling leaf, by artist Leanne Bray
The ability to tell stories, invoke illusion, and inspire space is the philosophy behind artist Leanne Bray, who has designed and created two major pieces of public artwork for the community at Catalina on Perth’s north coast.

Throughout her 30 years of practice, Leanne has worked in the production of some extraordinary projects – both in Africa and Australia, and she has now brought her creative expertise to Catalina. The two pieces of artwork have been installed at Catalina’s Elsbury Park and along Aviator Boulevard. When asked about the concept behind the art, Leanne said she wanted to design and create a space which represents the strength of a healthy, wholesome and united community.

“Without a doubt, it is the appeal of the community spirit here at Catalina that really draws and holds my attention,” Leanne said.

“The best way to represent this is through circular motions, and embracing the concept of a positive meeting place.

“It is important for the two artworks to have a cohesive feel and to develop a connection with the natural surroundings, which is why aspects of the beach and bush will be incorporated.”

The first piece of artwork is designed around the shape of a curled leaf and will measure up to 3.5m high.

“The leaf takes on the representation of the healthy environment, and the shape is reminiscent of the curl of a wave,” Leanne said.

“The second piece of artwork is a stand-alone 2.5m high mosaic piece, rich with colour and luminosity, as well as eye-catching and engaging.

“Based around three-dimensional disc pieces, the materials will be made from digitally printed glass which will illuminate the work at night and complement the landscaping surrounds.”

Satterley’s chief executive Nigel Satterley said the new artwork will help bring a focus on creating spaces for social interaction between neighbours, family, and friends.

Mosaic artwork, by artist Leanne Bray