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How to live minimally at The Hales so you can spend more time outdoors

Living a minimalist lifestyle is the goal for many people. There is something calming about the need for fewer materialistic possessions and the sense of clarity this may bring. Some choose to dive into the deep end, selling or giving away their furniture, clothes and other unnecessary items in exchange for simple living, surrounded by only their essentials. Others, however, find this thought terrifying and adopt a more subtle approach on their journey to the simple life. 

When you choose to live at The Hales, Forrestfield you’re choosing to live amongst nature. The Hales has been designed with modern livability in mind while retaining the tranquility a lifestyle intertwined with nature provides. Perhaps you’re exploring The Hales to see how life could be or perhaps you’re looking for the balance between the hustle and bustle of city life by day and the calm of suburbia by night. Either way, The Hales has great options for you and your family to live the lifestyle you enjoy with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when it suits you.

Living minimally is a gradual life change and these ideas could help you to embrace less ‘stuff’ and instead appreciate time outdoors enjoying the beautiful community on your doorstep at The Hales, Forrestfield.

This may seem obvious, but be thorough. If you haven't heard of ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo, now may be the time to explore her tips on decluttering and the importance of items ‘bringing joy’ to your life. Put simply of you haven’t used an item recently, you probably don’t need it. Consider donating the item to someone who does or selling to make a bit of extra cash.

Garage sales are a great way to meet your neighbours, get out and about in your local community and to embrace a minimal lifestyle.

Be smarter with how and why you use things. Perhaps that t-shirt has lost its place as your go-to shirt, but it could make a great rag for washing the car and replaces the need to buy a new car cloth. 

Using less means we can keep things for longer. Do you put a little too much washing up liquid in the sink when you wash your dishes or perhaps throw out your glass jars without repurposing as storage containers? These are all small changes that can make a big difference to the environment and a clutter-free life.

For many minimalism isn’t an overnight journey. Instead, it's one that takes weeks, months and even years to achieve. Don’t be hard on yourself as you take this journey. Be conscious in your living, your environment and continually ask yourself ‘do I need this?’. Not only will a minimal lifestyle be kind on your bank balance, but it will also be calm on your mind and body too.

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