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2019-02-21 Community & Lifestyle

Local resident names new park in Officer

At the end of last year we put a call out to the local community to name Arcadia’s latest park on Harmony Place. To make matters really interesting, we also announced that the winning entry would receive a $2,000 travel voucher.

And we weren’t disappointed with what we received.

Almost 100 people entered the competition and over 140 potential park names were submitted. The main themes centred around Greek mythology, Indigenous Australian heritage and the park's natural environment.

After much deliberation, the Satterley judges decided on “Gumnut Park”, submitted by father-of-two Dean Schembri. Dean, who lives in Pakenham, said he has friends who live at Arcadia and is frequently in Officer with his wife and kids.

“The layout of the park is great for families – it’s spacious and has lots of green space for the girls to run around and play ball games. My three-year-old daughter is quite the climber, so it’s a fantastic park for her in that respect as well,” said Dean.

When asked how he came up with the name “Gumnut Park”, his answer was simple:

“It was just off the top of my head; it made sense.”

The Satterley judges also felt the name resonated strongly with Arcadia, a community which gets much of its inspiration from literature.

“When we saw Dean’s entry, we immediately thought of Australian author May Gibbs and her characters, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, from the Gumnut Babies picture books”, said Jack Hoffmann, General Manager, Satterley - Victoria and Queensland

“There is also a cubby formed from gum-leaves with a gumnut on top in the park, so we felt the name really captured the surrounds and overall feel of the area. The name also meets Council requirements to be officially registered, so along with being a great name, it will also be a name that’s permanently visible on Google Maps,” Jack said.

Dean and his wife haven’t taken a holiday in over five years – their oldest daughter was nine months old when they got married, meaning there wasn’t even an opportunity for a honeymoon – so the travel voucher is going towards a much need family adventure.

“We’re yet to make any concrete plans but I’m hoping we can put the money towards an overseas adventure for the whole family.”

Congratulations, Dean – we hope you and your family have a fantastic time away wherever you choose to travel.

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