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2018-10-27 Community & Lifestyle

Trick or Treat at Arcadia

It’s not every day you find yourself delighted to see vampires, werewolves and zombies roaming the streets. But that’s exactly how the Satterley team reacted back in October. 

About 400 people attended our Arcadia Halloween event, making it one of the most successful community gatherings of the year.

A big thanks to the Lions Club of Pakenham for putting on a barbecue – it sold out – and to Mr Barista Espresso, who gave away about 300 coffees and 100 muffins on the day.

Our candy buffet turned out to be a huge hit with the little ghouls. The jumping castle, the face painter, the fortune teller and Dracula on stilts were also very popular.

We’re so grateful to all the residents and members of the community who attended, and especially to everyone who put so much effort into their magnificent costumes. We were both impressed and a little bit scared!

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