Clever Lifestyle Bundle

At Allara, the Clever Lifestyle Bundle is part of the Happiness Built In

At Allara, one of the fastest growing communities on the north coast, there’s something for all. From affordable coastal living surrounded by regional open space, to cycle and nature tracks, plenty of green spaces, large playing fields and easy access to shops and transport – it would be easy to stop there. But we want to reward our new residents with over $10,000* worth of added benefits.

And it’s about more than just great savings. We’re thinking about our community from every angle, to benefit us all from an economic, environmental, connected and well-being point of view.

Allara is a masterplanned community that has achieved the UDIA EnviroDevelopment Award in all six leaves; ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water and community. These are just some of the ways we’ll create a new way of living.

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Safe and secure

The safety of everyone in Allara is important to us. Your family and the home you live in, are some of the most important things in life. Therefore all new homes will be fitted with a security system to ensure the safety of you and your family. We’ve got the evidence to prove that home security really does work. Over a seven month period, police data was collected on a suburb in the metropolitan area that was being affected by a high volume of burglaries. Only 7% of the burglaries happened in a home with an armed alarm system.

Harness the power of the sun

Each home in Allara will have a minimum of a 1.5kW solar system installed, generating green renewable energy. Energy harnessed from the sun that you don’t use is fed back into the grid, giving you a credit on your energy bill. With a bi-monthly bill from Synergy of $250, you could save $1000 every year. With power bills on the rise, every little bit helps.

Make a clever design decision on your energy usage

Energy monitors when linked to smart metres can show you exactly what power you are using in real time. Turning off extra lights or the second TV could save more than you think and these clever devices let you see exactly how much power you are actually using (or wasting). Studies have shown that having the knowledge to make these savings can reduce the power consumed in a house by 10% - 15%. Take for example, a typical household of four living in WA, which uses 7,289kW per year. Reducing this by 10% will save 729kW per year, which is great for the environment and your power bills. Installing an energy monitor can give you an annual saving of $68.

Switch on

LED lights are an energy efficient way to light your home. By changing just one light from a classic halogen to an LED, using it for one hour a day for a year would reduce 10.73 CO2 emissions and save $2.95 on your power bill. Doesn’t sound like much? Now turn this small idea into 20 lights, turned on for four hours a day for a whole year. This would stop 857.89 CO2 emissions and save $236.52 on your power bill.

Save money comfortably

We’re about embracing clever new technology to live more sustainably. A smart thermostat is exactly that, and it hasn’t even hit Australian shores yet. If it reaches us by the time your lot is purchased, we will give you a smart thermostat for your new home, allowing you to save up to $62 annually. But what does a Smart Thermostat do? It helps you save money without sacrificing comfort. How? By helping you reduce your homes’ energy use whenever possible, whether you are asleep or out and about. This means you stay comfortable when you’re home and keep saving while you’re away. Using geofencing technology the smart thermostat will automatically adjust based on your smartphones location. Or you can tap the ‘away’ button on your thermostat to set the temperature back while you’re gone. The result? Comfort as soon as you’re home and reduced energy usage when you’re out.

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