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Waterplay at Revolution Park in Allara

With a vortex water tunnel, water spouts, fountain spray, and jet streams, the 'Splash Pad' is a fun way to cool off during the summer months.

Allara, Eglinton young children playing in the Revolution park waterplay area.

Splash about at Revolution Park

The 'Splash Pad' is Revolution's unique aquatic playground. The Splash Pad is active during the warmer months of the year (November to April) and operable between the hours of 8am and 7pm (subject to daily water testing results). All water used comes from the Mains Water System used to service households throughout

How to turn on Waterplay

1. Press the button with your hands or bare feet.

2. Hold down the sensor until the lights flash (about 10 seconds)

3. Red lights on the sensors will show it has been activated

4. The system may take several minutes for the pump to kick in and start.

Allara, Eglinton children turning on the waterplay at Revolution park.


Make sure you’re using your hands or bare feet – the system is activated by skin contact.

The water play runs on a cycle and does not operate continuously.

Leave the system for 10 minutes and try again.

When water levels are low the system may stop until it tops up.

Water quality is tested daily.

Allara, Eglinton young child smiling while enjoying the waterplay at Revolution park.

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Follow the Allara Facebook Page for all updates on the ‘Splash Pad’ including the exact date as to when it becomes operational for the summer season.

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Allara, Eglinton young children playing in the Revolution park waterplay area.


The ‘Splash Pad’ and park is now managed by the City of Wanneroo. For enquiries please contact City of Wanneroo on 9405 5000 or

Allara, Eglinton female sitting outside on a park picnic table with her laptop and phone, enjoying the sunshine.