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Augmented Reality arrives at Kinkuna Park, Allara

Allara, Eglinton Kinkuna Park playground.

Allara is well known for being innovative in its design. The masterplanned community focuses on providing a happy place to live that meets the wants and needs of its residents through innovative, sustainable design and house and land packages. 2018 saw this innovation further evident with the introduction of children’s playground app, Biba.

“Available on both iTunes and Google Play, the team at Biba have created a suite of augmented reality, imagination-driven playground games for parents to play with their children aged three to nine” describes the app developers on The augmented reality has been applied to much-loved Kinkuna Park, encouraging children in the local and wider community to visit Kinkuna Park, get active and enjoy the outdoors.

The digital concept priorities children’s activity levels by following a ‘strict “80/20” rule… that is, kids must be physically active for at least 80% of the game, with only 20% of their attention ever spent with the screen” continues

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Since inception, Biba has been a big hit and has been recognised for their innovation at Kinkuna Park, Allara by winning gold at Australia’s 2018 National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) Awards. March 20th 2018 saw Biba launch at Kinkuna Park and has seen children embracing the digital playground ever since. Reports from the first 6 months of use show ‘that Kinkuna playground went from being ranked in the 54th to the 75th percentile worldwide in the amount of exercise per session, clear evidence Biba is encouraging children to use the playground for longer and be more physically active. A win for parents, children, the community, and public health’ according to

The implementation of Biba has been central to Allara’s plans to lead the way as an innovative and forward-thinking community “We are so proud to have been recognised by the NGAA for our efforts in building connections and shaping our developing suburbs into rewarding and comfortable places to live,” Mayor Roberts said.

The introduction of Biba to Allara is a continuation of innovation seen in other avenues at Allara including the recognition of the community by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) as an environmentally sustainable development after achieving all six elements. Similarly, the ‘Clever Lifestyle Bundle’ which rewards Allara residents with over $10,000* of savings is an initiative unique to Allara.

Allara, Eglinton is proud to be leading in innovation in the northern corridor. Keep up to date with Allara by submitting your details below.