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Free Landscaping Materials for Allara Residents

Growing a new tree
Landscaping Innovation takes place at Allara

Innovation is taking place at Allara, Eglinton with the introduction of a Landscaping Yard in December 2018. The Landscaping Yard will see Allara Residents able to access the private yard and to take their share of sand, topsoil, limestone, and mulch completely for free!

The initiative ensures that the materials sourced and used locally in Allara can be reused by new residents as they add the finishing touches to their new home within the Allara community.  Residents will be able to access the landscaping yard as required to complete their backyards with materials that can be costly when purchased at landscaping stores.

“Landscaping your home can often be an expensive exercise. The initiative of the Allara Landscaping Yard has been introduced to further extend the savings we provide to the Allara community through our Clever Lifestyle Bundle. It also continues the Projects commitment to environmental excellence, as demonstrated through the UDIA Envirodevelopment Award, in which we achieved all six leaves: waste, energy, ecosystems, community, and water.” Development Manager, Drew Tomkins describes.

The Landscaping Yard aims to be a helping hand to the Allara community, particularly first home buyers as they design and create the backyard space they dream of. Another of Allara’s initiatives is the CLB also known as the Clever Lifestyle Bundle which is an initiative to live wiser by:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing water usage
  • Improving safety
  • Making life more convenient
  • And, to save money in the environment we live in


Read more about Allara’s Clever Lifestyle Bundle HERE.



Need some sand? Come and help yourself!

Want some mulch for your new garden beds? Take as much as you need!

You’ll also find topsoil with organic matter and micro-organisms, and limestone pieces so you can fill your flower pots or do some creative and decorative edgings.

All materials are natural and so it’s worth noting that all materials are untreated and so could contain bugs and weeds. Users should take the necessary precautions when using materials from the Allara Landscaping Yard. Allergies should be kept in mind and children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Landscaping your yard can often be a task we postpone when we move into our new homes due to time and expense. With the benefit of a Landscaping Yard close by to the Allara Sales Office sourcing the materials to finish your home is quick, easy and free!

Having a beautiful back garden is a great motivator to spend time in the sun, playing with the kids, enjoying a barbeque with friends and of course, benefit from having great views from the inside of your stylish new home.