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Finding your perfect block, at Allara Eglinton

Finding the right block of land for your new home is an exciting journey. With so many house and land options available, it can feel overwhelming comparing your options and making the right decision for you and your family. The Allara Estate team have made sure comparing blocks and finding a home that works for your family's lifestyle is easy with our land finder tool. 

Your perfect block is only a few clicks away at Allara, Eglinton. To begin your journey navigate to our homepage, and select to explore the WA communities

Allara can be seen in bright yellow on both the map at the top of the map above or below the map with an image. Once you arrive on the Allara Estate community, choose ‘For Sale’ followed by ‘Lots for Sale’ at the top of the page. 

Our Lots for Sale page will show you two things. Firstly a full pricelist is available for you to download. This is updated every evening and so is always up to date showing your the most accurate lot and pricing information to make an informed decision. The second option you can choose is to navigate using our land search tool to see the Allara Estate as a whole, available stages, sold lots and lots available to purchase. This is interactive and so you can zoom in and out of the map to move between stages and available lots.

Use either the left-hand side toolbar to journey through different lots or the map to click on a green dot to see the available block and its important information. Here you will see the important stuff:

  • Lot number
  • Lot size
  • Road name
  • Lot frontage
  • Lot price

Clicking on see details will show you even more detail including Stage Plans, Local Development Plans and a description of this block and nearby amenities. Keep an eye out for bright coloured tags when looking at our land tool, these indicate special offers or savings. Use the filter tools to search by price, block size or frontage to find exactly the block you’re looking for. 

When researching each block of land, you will have the option to click ‘match with house’ to see all homes with floor plans chosen to match with your block of land. They have the perfect dimensions to fit perfectly on your block!

Once you’re ready to talk further, scroll to the bottom of the page and call or email Allara Estate Manager Gina Gould or visit our sales office Monday - Wednesday, 1pm-5pm and weekend and public holidays 12pm-5pm.

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